Macate Team 


With great technological advancements & convenience comes an equal potential danger for consumers with a smartphone. Nearly two-thirds of U.S. adults own smart phones which means over half of the country is susceptible to possible hackers. Don’t believe it? Think about it.

The majority of technology users have uploaded a substantial amount of private information on their personal devices (i.e. banking information, credit card information), forcing us to pose the question, “Are we truly safe from cyber corruption? Are the apps that we save and enter our confidential information really staying confidential?”

iPhones and Androids both include convenient voice-operated services for their users – Siri and Google Now, respectively. Though they recently announced that both are incorporating new security components to recognize & tailor to your specific demands, we should really be asking whether this new feature ultimately puts all smartphone users at risk for a new type of hacking.

According to an article from Wired, French researchers have discovered a hacking tactic that could affect all users from the comfort of their home. The analysts found that Siri and Google Now can be silently accessed through radio waves while using a microphone on headphones as an antenna. This means hackers can send signals over radio frequencies to control a person’s mobile device and capture their confidential information. The hacking radio waves can only reach up to 16 feet and they activate obvious signals that usually catch the owner’s attention, such as lighting up the screen and voice reactions.

The likelihood of these security breaches is slim and executing the task is difficult, but that does not change the fact that it creates a very real and obvious danger.

Phones on the market today do not offer the level of security we should be mindful of with the increase in technological advancements & trust its consumers place on keeping their information safe. Like a virus, hackers are constantly innovating new ways to steal information from mobile devices and consumers should be looking for more secure products to combat these technology terrorists.

The Macate Group has dedicated an immense amount of research & development to cutting-edge security features and continues to meet high security standards revolving the mobile device market. Everyone has a bright future facing these issues with a company that commits to a future secured.