Just about a year after the catastrophic Sony hack, cyber security in Hollywood has become a great concern for celebrities and high-level executives. As you may recall, thousands of famous celebrities, actors, and executives in the movie industry were exposed to one of the largest celebrity hacks of recent years, leading to personal emails, pictures, and messages being leaked to the public.

Hollywood has been focusing specifically on mobile phone security and how to protect data from hackers. The need for mobile security of celebrities and powerful executives has become quite apparent as any hacked information from these well-known users’ smartphones lead to a great deal of unfavorable publicity.

Some actors and celebrities are taking a hands-on approach of their own as well. Actor Kevin Spacey announced on November 2nd his new role as ambassador of WISeKey Security, a cyber security company with a primary focus of protecting digital identities.

In an article by Julia Boorstin of CNBC, she accounts one new trend in Hollywood cyber security being protecting data at any location and time. Cyberphone users are increasingly using mobile clouds in order to discover and search for new data online or native to their mobile device, which often poses problems for users because hackers are able to reach their device from different locations without physically possessing or being near the smartphone.

Just recently, a hacker based in the Bahamas hacked into the email accounts of multiple famous celebrities and sports figures. According to New York Daily News, the man, Alonzo Knowles, was arrested for attempting to sell TV scripts as well as sexually explicit media to different buyers. Luckily, he was arrested before the data went viral, but the hacker was in the middle of negotiations to sell all stolen data.

The growing problem of mobile security in Hollywood is a subject that the Macate Group is dedicated to aiding Hollywood with through encrypted technology. The team is looking forward to attending Digital Hollywood this upcoming Tuesday at CES Las Vegas 2016, where we will be informed on a tremendous amount of entertainment-based technology and where we fit in the conversation.