After arriving back in Silicon Valley, we can’t help but look back at our amazing experience at CES 2016. With over 20 featured articles and multiple videos, our products received great coverage.

Ranked #2 as one of the most amazing start-ups to look out for, our newest line of GATCA Elite and luxury Beléci cyberphones made a huge impact at CES. Embedded with Codetel security software, our cyberphones are introducing the new age of cybersecurity with a patented combination of biometric technology & advanced encryption software.

codetel booth (1)

“Mobile security is more important than ever before. Each day, there are risks of impending cyber attacks and businesses have grown increasingly aware of the threats BYOD policies pose for securing mission-critical company data.” – Mr. Isaac Daniel, CEO of Macate Group

Not only did our cyberphones draw attention in the Las Vegas Convention center, so did our other showcased products, Reel Code Media and Hugplex located in Eureka Park. There was interest from every industry and sector as our technology transforms the way businesses and consumers connect with one another. By simply scanning a Reel Code frame users can view, interact, and connect with multiple interactive multimedia content attached to the frames four corners.

reel code

Powered by Reel Code Media, Hugplex brings your memories to life by simply placing your Reel Code Media frames in any of the pre-designed or customized designs. Friends & family can view videos and information specific to that Reel Code frame with a simple scan and swipe.

We are very pleased with the amount of positive feedback we received at CES and will be back for CES 2017!


If interested in any of the products above, please visit our GATCA Mobile, Reel Code Media, or Hugplex websites!

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