It was an exciting week for us at CES 2016 and with it being our first appearance, the sky was the limit. Our booth was among many of the startups in Eureka Park, where the atmosphere was filled with excitement from eager attendees and hopeful exhibitors. We were just as eager to discuss and showcase our newest mobile application, Reel Code Media, embedded in a fun and interactive prize wheel.

RCM photo from CES 2

With the twelve slots of the prize wheel, each slot was allotted a frame with one of six different colors and images. Our Reel Code Media frames featured bright, vibrant images, which can turn ads into points of sale. We represent the next generation of QR Codes; delivered through media such as magazines, business cards, or any advertising space. Its compact media format empowers businesses to communicate directly with their targets for complete product experiences and detailed promotions within engaging images. Reel Code images can also have their content updated as many times as needed, giving you the flexibility in how they are used over time.

RCM photo from CES

We had lines and lines of attendees ready and excited to learn more and to give our prize wheel a spin. As a testament to this marketing tool’s accessibility and user-friendliness, participants were still able to scan and explore Reel Code Media even through the glass of the wheel via our mobile app. Once the frame was scanned, attendees instantly viewed, interacted, and connected with our rich content in the frame’s four corners. By dragging a corner to the middle of the frame, the frame would enable a PDF file containing an image and description of one of three prizes: A Macate t-shirt, $5 Starbucks gift card, or some tasty candy.

Participants were surprised at how easy it was to simply scan the frame and have the content be ready to view or have it stored away to view later in the app. Participants got to walk away with a fun prize as well as knowledge and a demonstration of who we are. Over the show’s three-day period we were able to give out every last prize. That’s a lot of interested RCM attendees! If you missed a chance to spin our wheel, don’t worry! We hope to bring our prize wheel to many different shows in the future.