RCM macate small business photo

Small business owners are the first pioneers and innovators of the U.S. They offer a good or service that they believe will benefit other’s lives. World-known enterprises like Apple, Ford, and Starbucks, all of these established and thriving companies all started out as small businesses.

Macate’s founder Isaac Daniel is a true believer and supporter of all innovators. An innovator himself, Mr. Daniel has over 150 patents of new inventions that he has created to benefit those around him. One of those inventions is Reel Code Media, an interactive app that was designed to empower business owners to communicate and advance their brand in order to establish relationships with their customers.

With Reel Code Media, an unlimited amount of multimedia and interactive content is waiting to be unlocked by potential customers. Instead of waiting for customers to walk into your store to learn about your products, and what you offer, with Reel Code Media business owners can include specials of the week, point systems, product photos, or anything else in a scannable Reel Code Media frame.  Reel Code Media frames can be printed on fliers, pamphlets or on your social media page.

Today over 85% of people prefer viewing and exploring businesses on mobile apps over websites, according to a study done by Go-Globe. Customers who download the Reel Code Media App can scan the frame with their camera and will be exposed to ordinary shops in an advanced and convenient way.

Personal trainers can upload pdfs of their favorite recipes, or a video featuring a workout of the day. Mom and pop restaurants can upload their menu, photos of specials of the week, nutritional info, and videos introducing the staff. Graphic designers can upload a folder of their work, ready to be looked through, and introduction videos, where they can share with future employers their mission and who they are. Boutique and family owned retail stores can upload videos and photos of different outfit combinations. Florists can upload DIY videos of different gardening and planting projects.

Reel Code Media’s video feature is a powerful tool that small business owners should take advantage of. In 2015 Mobile video traffic accounted for 55% of total mobile data traffic, and in 2020 that percentage will rise to 75%, according to the 2015-2020 Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Recast Update Report. By uploading introduction videos or customer testimonial videos into their Reel Code Media frames, small business owners can instantly introduce who they are, their mission, and create an impression with future customers.

Reel Code Media’s multimedia feature allows entrepreneurs and small businesses to reach out and share who they are with their customers in an unlimited way.  In addition to uploading content, Reel Code Media provides business analytics that track customer activity and record campaign data.

Macate is a partner with all small business owners, and is excited to help these innovators share their products with the rest of the world with Reel Code Media.