Besides photos, music, and recreational apps like Snapchat and Candy Crush, more and more people are carrying personal information on their phone. Bank apps, social media apps, other’s contact information, payment apps that are linked to your bank account like Uber, Starbucks app or Venmo, and even notes on your phone contain valuable information, forming a hub of personal data that could easily fall into the hands of someone else.

A 2014 online research study/survey conducted by Lookout Mobile Security and IDG research says that 50% of past phone theft victims would pay $500 to retrieve their smart phones. Some phone theft victims would raise the stakes even higher, when 1/3 of survey participants said they would pay $1000, and 68% would enter a dangerous situation to recover all of the personal data on their smart phones.

Codetel, Macate’s official mobile security software partner, is aware of the amount of personal information people store on their phones, and the higher security measures that need to be enforced. One of those higher security measures is GeoLock.

GeoLock is one of Codetel’s four high security tools for smartphones, and uses location-based settings to lock and unlock your smart phone, and chosen files on your phone.

GeoLock is one of the core security measures on Macate’s line of high-security cyberphones, GATCA, and now people can choose to confine all important files, photos, work documents, or documents that contain personal information, to one location. GeoLock protects specific files and all personal information on the phone based off a pre-selected location of the mobile owner’s choice.

If you store confidential work documents on your phone, keep them safe and secure when you leave the office. While traveling in a different state or foreign country, choose your GeoLock locations and put your whole phone on lockdown when you leave your hotel, and unlock when you return to prevent any data theft.

The amount of stolen smartphones has risen dramatically since their existence.  According to a 2014 FCC report, over 1 million smartphones are stolen each year, and higher reports of thefts are made in high volume cities like San Francisco and New York.

Unlike other smartphone security apps that require users to log on and signal when their phone is in use, leaving a window of time for thieves to obtain and misuse personal data, GeoLock immediately locks down and safeguards all or specific information on your phone. Don’t leave personal data on your phone open and waiting for someone to swipe, and protect yourself from mobile data theft with Codetel’s GeoLock.