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You’re a brand new startup, and you want to get your name out in the world. While you have 100% confidence in your product and know that it’s one of a kind, you also know the brand strength of your competition. According to a CBS 2006 article, people are exposed to as many as 5000 ads a day. For upcoming companies, trying to get your name stand out from the crowd is a challenge. You want to offer your future customers the most memorable first impression while being up-to-date with the newest branding strategies.

You’re a nonprofit and want to gain more exposure in your community, but have to stay within your means. You know how much advertising costs and have a limited amount in your budget that can’t be negotiated. Social Media can only get you so far and spending costs on billboard and newspaper ads isn’t an option.

You’re a freelance graphic designer, and want your portfolio to stand out from the sea of web portfolios. In an interview for a contract job with a well-known company, you want to give your interviewer more than a URL or a folder of your work.

Here at Macate we understand the importance of brand awareness and capturing and keeping your audience’s attention. We set out to create a tool that is sophisticated and inexpensive for marketing other businesses, as well as convenient and easy to use for customers. Our end result was Reel Code Media, a versatile device that was designed for entrepreneurs and organizations to stand out from the crowd and engage their audiences in a unique way.

The brand awareness options marketing teams, freelancers and organizations have with Reel Code Media are endless. With four different corners on a scannable framed image with the Reel Code Media app, marketers can attach videos, podcasts, photos, pdfs, and any other form of multimedia needed to promote their product, drive a campaign or their businesses’ name.

Images have a powerful influence on the consumer’s decisions about a product and whether they should even consider purchasing the product or not.  According to a survey done by MDG Advertising, 37% of people said that images attract their attention and sway them to consider a business and its products. Another 23% of people said that images heighten their interests in contacting the business.

Now you can immediately attract consumer’s attention with a high quality image on their Reel Code Media frame printed on fliers, posters, or embedded in emails, and cater to their wants and interests.

New makeup tutorials that feature the trending lipstick they want to buy, inspiration outfit photos from their number one clothing brand, or customer only discounts for their neighborhood coffee shop.

Just provide future users with an incentive to download the Reel Code Media App and scan your businesses’ frame. Companies also have the freedom to continually update the content in their Reel Code Media Frame without having to reprint frames.

With Reel Code Media, businesses, organizations and independent workers can boost brand awareness and cut through their competition in an innovative and memorable way.