mpm & pop shop

Local business owners are an essential building block to a thriving city and society. With over 2 million local, “mom & pop” shops and businesses in the U.S., every state has a community of entrepreneurs old and young, who want to provide trusted and valuable resources to their hometown.

The old grocery store which has been in business since the town was founded, or the old bike shop where everyone buys their first bike, these establishments pour back into their local economy. According to Independent We Stand, a town gains $179 for every square foot a local business occupies vs $105 from a chain store.

Reel Code Media supports these loyal and hardworking local business owners, and we want all of them to succeed. According to a Forbes article,  “7 out of 10 new employer firms survive at least 2 years, half at least 5 years, a third at least 10 years and a quarter stay in business 15 years or more …”

Local businesses can increase their stability and lifetime with Reel Code Media and the endless multimedia marketing opportunities we provide.  With four different corners on a scannable framed image, customers simply download the Reel Code Media app and scan a Reel Code frame printed on a flier or business card, and gain access to any form of multimedia like videos, photos, or pdfs.

Content in the frame can be switched at any time so local business can keep their customers up to date on upcoming sales, new products, or campaigns.  Reel Code Media helps local business owners maintain ongoing relationships with their regular customers, and form new relationships with new customers.

Below is an infographic that shows local business facts, followed by three different ways Reel Code Media can be used to build up your local businesses.


  • Upload Videos for Greater Customer Connection:

What draws people back to their favorite diner or bookstore? An establishment may provide a quality service or product, but a majority of people return to the same restaurant or store because of the people that work there.  Customer loyalty is won through genuine customer service and relationships.  A 2014 Business News Daily article says that some sense of connection is what drives family and local businesses.  Nothing makes a person more attached to an establishment or business than a relationship.  Some customers go to their local coffee shops specifically to chat with the baristas and cashiers. Instill and continue that sense of connection with employee highlight videos, showcasing a specific employee, they’re position and they’re top three dream destinations.  Or show your customers “behind the scene” videos of the employee culture, and what happens during after hours. Uploading videos that show the faces that work for your business is a sure fire way to connect and build trust with customers.


  • Drive “Buy Local” Campaigns:

Rally with fellow local businesses and mom & pop shops and start a “Buy Local” campaign.  Upload daily and weekly photos and videos that promote the campaign and switch the frames at any time while following the campaign.  Upload special coupons for customers to download and bring in for a purchase. According to American Independent Business Alliance, a 2015 survey showed that a well-organized, defined and sustained “Buy Local” campaign increased revenue growth by 9.3%.

After the campaign, see and record the effectiveness of the campaign on Reel Code Media Analytics, which shows business owners total Reel Code Media content views, frame scans and content swipes.

Besides revenue growth, a 2013 survey by Independent We Stand shows that 75 % of local businesses in cities with “Buy Local” campaigns had an increase in customer traffic and media coverage.

  • Build Strong Relationships with Other Local Shops:

Outside of city wide campaigns, partner with other local shops and support their business. Upload coupons for another business to help increase their customer average. Record and upload videos of discussions with other local business owners, about important city topics and news. Show your customers that you invest in and support other local businesses. Beat out the competition and work together to keep local businesses in your town thriving.


Click on the link below to view our interactive Local Business infographic