Macate is excited to announce that we’re heading to Japan!  As of this month Macate’s Reel Code Media is in a collaboration with Systena America, one of Japan’s most innovative technology companies.

Soon millions of people in Japan will be introduced to Reel Code Media, and can start scanning and swiping their favorite frames.

Instead of just scanning a QR code and being led to one website or gaining one download, people will now have access to a number of multimedia possibilities.  Businesses can now offer engaging and interactive content like websites, videos, games, mp3s, pdfs, etc., on every corner of their frames.

Here at Macate we feel like we’ve come full circle with landing our first reseller relationship in Japan.  The birth of the QR Code started in Japan in 1994, and has opened up a whole new world for marketing and customer engagement.

Just like the QR Code, Reel Code Media is extremely versatile and can be used to promote all types of businesses.  Whether its restaurants, retail, athletics, makeup, hospitality, real estate, education, any type of establishment can use a frame and expect customer engagement and quality feedback

Reel Code Media is the next evolution of the QR Code, providing new business and customer engagement opportunities.

From May 11 to May 13 Systena America will introduce Reel Code Media at the Tokyo Smartphone & Mobile Expo with Reel Code Media representatives there, ready to show and explain its capabilities.IMG_0855

We’re excited to sink our roots in new soil and connect the gap between customers and businesses, and see what frames will be made.

If you’re in the area stop by Systena America’s booth, or like Reel Code Media’s Facebook and follow the Twitter account to see all the fun!