New hacking methods are advancing every day and cybersecurity specialists are trying to keep up.

Online account passwords – the equivalent of the combination code to a bank vault – is now an outdated security measure of the past that is easily breached.

Recently Myspace, a past popular social media site, discovered that user login information for 360 accounts was being auctioned off on an online hacker forum.  While old and irrelevant information may have left people’s old Myspace accounts, hackers may now have access to other current online accounts like Facebook, Twitter, bank accounts and more due to the possibility of password renewal.

Cybersecurity breaches happen daily to companies, the government, and everyday people. More and more banks and other companies are opting towards advanced security measures that are stronger than a key of random numbers and letters.

Cybersecurity specialists and companies are placing a greater importance on biometric security, utilizing unique features like fingerprints and facial and voice recognition that cannot be easily recreated or used by another individual.

A 2016 survey conducted by customer identity management company Gigya, shows that 80% of consumers believe that forms of biometric security are more secure than the average password.  More than half of consumers (52%) prefer using modern authentication methods over the password.

An advantage of biometric security is that it is hard to copy and not easily accessible by outside individuals. Yet even biometric security isn’t invincible and can still be hacked.  A 2015 Federal Government security breach resulted in 5.6 million stolen employee fingerprints, and unlike the traditional password, a biometric security feature cannot be easily changed.

No matter how quickly cybersecurity advances, there may always be a slight security risk.  Online accounts are the gateway to valuable information and hackers will continually devise new hacking techniques to unlock the most advanced forms of security.

Although it still has the potential of being hacked, biometric security is still a trusted security method and more advanced and secure than the traditional password. Paired with two-factor authentication, the world is one step closer to a more secure life.

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