Cybersecurity is becoming more of a necessary element of the everyday life.  More than 2.6 billion people have an email address and approximately 3 billion people use the internet.  This results in billions of people’s private information floating around the internet with limited protection.  People take precautions and create lengthy passwords and limit what information they put online, but one of the best tactics is keeping up to date with the latest news in cybersecurity.

At Macate we want everyone to know the latest in the world of cybersecurity so we rounded up our top 5 favorite cybersecurity blogs.  Each writer and blog is a trusted source to turn to if you want to stay ahead of the hacking community and stay on top of cybersecurity news, tips & tricks.


  1. Steve Morgan:

For the latest in cybersecurity business statistics and news, read some of Steve Morgan’s work.  Founder and Editor-in-Chief for CyberSecurity Ventures, a research and market intelligence firm that releases industry reports, articles, and forecasts, Morgan reports all cybersecurity topics related to business.  Some topics covered are company cybersecurity strategies, projections of the cybersecurity job market, and statistics of hacked companies. If it has to do with cybersecurity and how it will affect your company, Morgan explains it all in concise articles backed up with facts and numbers.

Follow him on Twitter at @CybersecuritySF to catch his articles written for Forbes, CSO and CyberSecurity Ventures.


  1. Passcode:

If you want to see the human interest aspect of cybersecurity and dive deeper than a news piece, Passcode is the cybersecurity publication for you.  Readers can expect to digest in-depth, well-researched articles filled with quotes from everyday people and cybersecurity experts.  Written in easy to read magazine-style formats, Passcode authors explain and cover a variety of cybersecurity topics, from new government policies to photo essays displaying the ever day person’s thoughts on privacy.

Visit their site at and join their email list for a weekly brief of all their latest stories.


  1. Lookout

Readers who are specifically interested in mobile security should visit the blog of Lookout, a mobile cybersecurity company that analyzes data to predict future company hacks.  Lookout transforms cybersecurity reports and data into visually pleasing and easy to understand infographics.  Aside from informing viewers about their own products and offers, Lookout also covers the latest mobile hacks and publishes pieces that warn the public of the latest hacking apps to avoid.

Visual learners and data lovers should check out Lookout’s blog at


  1. NakedSecurity

Naked Security focuses on exposing company hack attacks.  If you want to read more cybersecurity news that falls through the cracks and doesn’t make headlines, then Naked Security is the publication for you.  Besides covering the latest hacks, readers can expect to be updated with the latest computer news, learn about the newest tech gadgets and browse helpful “How To” security articles.

People who want the 411 on all hacks should keep NakedSecurity on their radar.


  1. Yael Grauer

People who are in between the beginner and intermediate levels of knowledge of all things cybersecurity should look up Yael Grauer’s articles.  Freelancer for Wired, Forbes, Slate, Men’s Health and more, Grauer mastered the “Security News” piece with articles that briefly cover and round up all the hot cybersecurity news.

If you want to stay up to date but don’t have the time to delve into a long piece, check out some of her work at and follow her on Twitter at @yaelwrites.