For anyone who missed out on any blog posts, here’s this month’s round up of cybersecurity articles and news!

1. Top 4 Cybersecurity TED Talks

Ted Talk Cybersecurity
James Lyne, cybersecurity specialist, at TED2013: The Young, The Wise, The Undiscovered. Thursday, February 28, 2013, Long Beach, CA. Photo: James Duncan Davidson

Want to learn about the different aspects of cybersecurity?  Take a look at one or all of our favorite TED Talks that feature experts who introduce cybersecurity issues that affect everyone.

2. Top 3 ways Brexit will Affect Cybersecurity Growth in the UK


The latest news of the UK choosing to break away from the EU will result in a domino effect of drastic changes in the country’s policies, economy, politics and more. Read on to see how Brexit will affect the UK’s cybersecurity talent pool, education, and more.

3. Macate’s Top 5 Cybersecurity Writers & Blogs


Want to become an expert in cybersecurity?  Educate yourself and read the latest news and articles from Macate’s favorite cybersecurity writers and blogs!

4. The Next Investment in Cybersecurity

Current job postings for cybersecurity openings have grown three times as fast as openings for IT jobs.  See how the government & cybersecurity companies are trying to fill the ever growing job gap.

5. Are Companies Hiding Their Security Breaches?

If your credit card information was stolen due to the breach of a store’s cybersecurity defenses, wouldn’t you want to know?  Read on to see if all companies report a security breach.

6. Filling in the Gap of Cybersecurity


See how cybersecurity companies, schools, and organizations are trying to fill the diversity gap in tech.

7. Biometric Security: Will Your Fingerprint be the New Password?

80% of consumers believe that forms of biometric security are more secure than the average password.  What is biometric security, and is it a safer option than the traditional password?

8. Cybersecurity 101

Don’t make yourself an easy target and read our post that teaches the basics of mobile security!

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