Unless you’re the head of a business or organization, cybersecurity practices and strategies probably aren’t at the forefront of your mind.

When people hear the word cybersecurity, they immediately think of hacking and passwords.  Yet do they know the precautionary steps needed to avoid a security breach?

Protecting confidential information and data doesn’t equate to spending hundreds of dollars on software, devices, or hiring an outside company.  Companies and individuals can greatly decrease their chances of experiencing a cyber-breach if they follow the next simple steps.

Read on to see cost-effective ways to heighten your cybersecurity efforts and protect your data.

Cyber education program

If you’re the lead of an organization or business but have minimal knowledge or experience with cybersecurity, sign up or join a cyber education program.

Programs like the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies, and Cyber Education Program are designed to break down cybersecurity phrases, strategies and systems.  Not every individual is computer savvy and knows how to counter a security breach caused by malware or retrieve lost information.

Cyber education programs walk individuals through the basics of cybersecurity, show them what basic attacks to avoid, like phishing attacks or ransomware, and more.

Stay Updated

Knowledge is power.  The more time one spends learning a topic, the more they’ll know and understand.  Challenge yourself and read the latest articles on cybersecurity.  Follow a cybersecurity blog or a couple of cybersecurity twitter accounts and keep yourself in the loop.

Reading once a day about the latest company cyber attacks or learning about the important of a password will keep you alert and mindful of your own cybersecurity practices, like recycling passwords or failing to log out of social media accounts.


Cloud Security Technology

Storing data in the Cloud equates to storing your data on someone else’s external hardware.  Once it’s there, it’s underneath someone else’s control.

Encrypt all classified data before uploading it to the cloud.  If you will be sharing keys with the Cloud provider, make sure you understand the Cloud provider’s policies. (ex. What is their backup policy? Who has access to your data? What’s their data breach communication policy?)

Encryption apps

Data stored in the cloud isn’t untouchable.  If data is stored in the cloud, many people don’t see the use for encryption.  Yet any work-related data that is stored on the actual mobile device, like photos of confidential papers, customer contacts, or sales notes is vulnerable in the case of a security breach.

Don’t take the risk and protect all sensitive information with a highly secure messaging app like codetel.

The codetel suite has the best AES encryption and provides a robust layer of protection.  With a randomly generated private “key” for every message and attachment, companies can send emails, messages, contact lists and voice/video callings that are highly protected.