Cybersecurity is an ever-transforming field where no final solution against hacking has been discovered.

Even though cybersecurity companies are in their prime and the cybersecurity industry is estimated to be worth $170 billion by 2020, people are still being hacked everyday. No matter what new software companies create, hackers are always one step ahead and creating new malware.

Businesses and people seem to believe the misguided concept that cybersecurity is a technical issue that has one definite solution. If business owners, individuals and cybersecurity leaders continue to believe this concept, security breaches will continue to rise.

Read on to see what 3 common cybersecurity misconceptions companies and people follow and believe.


  1. Not Enough Collaboration

The best cybersecurity strategy solutions, employees, and software are all divided and kept by different companies and government agencies. Companies can’t freely give and share their expertise because they need to make a profit. The government doesn’t share their information for security reasons.

A lack in collaboration results in a lack of resources, which leads to a lack of progress. Criminals all over the world auction off, trade and share people’s passwords and usernames, new types of malware, and different hacking methods over the Dark Web. Team collaboration works the same in every setting. More minds together create an efficient workflow, strategy and plan for attack.

Hacker’s collaboration allows them to work more efficiently and breach both government’s and company’s security walls.   Until companies, government sectors and individuals can learn how to collaborate together, hackers will always have the advantage.


  1. Technology and a Small IT Staff isn’t the Problem

Learning about cybersecurity and all of its components is daunting to people with no computer science background. Over ¼ of company board members are not engaged or active of their company’s cyber risk strategies, according to the 2015 PWC cybersecurity report.

Many CEO’s, managers, board members, and employees don’t familiarize themselves with the cybersecurity basics because they have no technical experience, and are left clueless when they encounter a security breach. When a company is hacked, a small IT staff or outdated software is labeled as the culprit.

But in reality, cybersecurity is a people problem.  According to a Forbes article, 90% of all company security breaches are from human error. Once companies and individuals begin to learn and understand basic cybersecurity habits, there will be a decrease in hacking.


  1. We’re the solution

Cybersecurity isn’t a technical issue; it’s a human issue. People obtain viruses and different types of malware because they choose to hop on a free WIFI network, open up a tempting link that’s delivered in an email from an unknown person, or download a free software from a shady website.

Luckily people aren’t only the problem, they are also the solution. Cybersecurity awareness and training is one of the top defense methods against hackers. When employees, CEOs and individuals are aware of what hacking tricks look like, they know what to detect, avoid, and how to respond if they encounter a security breach.