Cybersecurity has become a familiar topic for more and more Americans.

Whether it’s from hearing the news reports on the latest nationwide hacks, or attending industry conferences that teach basic hacking tactics, many have become familiar with what cybersecurity is.

This growing field affects every person who browses the Internet. As people become more dependent on technology, hacking techniques are advancing at a rapid pace. Macate has reviewed top cybersecurity podcasts currently in the market for you to stay ahead of the game and be in tune with the latest trends and news.

There’s a podcast for everyone in the list below, whether you are a cybersecurity novice or a cyber security officer. If you only have two minutes spare or want to pass time during your weekday commute, there’s a podcast catered for you. Here are a few of Macate’s favorites.


  1. “2 Minute CyberSecurity Briefing” 

True to their name, each recording takes you straight to the point and lasts between 2 – 5 minutes. Hosted by cybersecurity expert and author, Scott Schober, Schober covers the latest trending news and issues on cybersecurity.

People have the option of listening to a podcast or watching Schober play anchorman and deliver his video in the “evening news” format Schober’s tone is slightly dry, and the puns he sprinkles throughout the recording may indicate that Shober is purposefully weaving in some humor into his podcasts.

Schober adds in some of his own personal cybersecurity insight to break down the topic/news of the day. 2 Minute CyberSecurity Briefing explains terms and concepts well enough for a cybersecurity novice to catch on and understand what’s going on. He also offers critical analysis suitable for cybersecurity experts, which makes it perfect for those who are familiar with the basic concepts and terms and want to learn more.


  1. “Risky Business” 

Think Stephen Colbert with an Australian accent. Host Patrick Grey has a humorous and entertaining personality and can probably make almost any topic interesting to listen to, including cybersecurity. Each episode is about 50 minutes long , but his dynamic personality carries you through.

Grey opens up the podcasts with a quick news segment, where he delivers the latest cybersecurity news. Then, he moves onto the interview segment, where he chats with senior executives and CEOs from various cybersecurity companies, industry journalists and others.

Listeners should be prepared to hear some profanity during the podcast. Grey successfully translates cybersecurity terms for people who don’t come from a computer science background while diving deep into the heart of the latest news and issues. Risky Business is the perfect podcast for people with some knowledge of all that has to pertain to cybersecurity.


  1. Eurotrash Security Podcast

Listening to Eurotrash Security Podcast feels as though you are listening to a couple of guys at the local pub talk about cybersecurity. You’ll get nuggets of truth and wisdom and moments of ridiculous and hilarious bantering, topped off by charming British accents.

Their podcasts range from ten minutes to an hour, hosted by Dale Pearson, Craig Balding, Chris John Riley, and Wim Remes. Don’t be easily fooled by their laid-back personas and crude humor. All co-hosts have strong backgrounds and expertise in information security technology.

They often host guests who work in the cybersecurity field who speak about their position and different scenarios they have encountered. Some episodes are primarily focused on business operations and solutions while others go in-depth about security strategies and educate listeners on how to solve issues that businesses and employees face in the field, and more.

This podcast is perfect for people with some knowledge of cybersecurity who are curious to learn more. Each episode holds a bit of crude humor but listeners are sure to walk away with a greater knowledge and familiarity of cybersecurity.


  1. The Cybersecurity Podcast 

Picture “This American Life” but focused on cybersecurity. The Cybersecurity Podcast follows true audio storytelling and covers in-depth stories and interviews the everyday person who is interested in making a difference in the world of cybersecurity.

Peter W. Singer, a strategist at the “New America” and Sara Sorcher, the deputy editor for the cybersecurity section of “The Christian Science Monitor” host the podcast and cover each story from an original and compelling angle. From students who are interested in ethical hacking, to the CSO’s of companies, to employees who work for the government, people from all verticals of cybersecurity are brought on and interviewed.

Each episode is around 30 minutes long and reveals the relationship between cybersecurity and the everyday person. This podcast is suitable for people with all types of cybersecurity background. If you are curious about how cybersecurity measures affect your daily life, tune in.