Cyber security knowledge is a weapon people can use to protect their personal information online.  Cyber criminals have the upper hand in cyber war because they have years’ worth of experience.

While most people know nothing about cybersecurity, it’s never too late to learn.   There are dozens of online cybersecurity programs for people who want a career in cyber security as well as everyday people who don’t want to fall victim to data hacks.

Each cyber educational tool is free and will teach you how to properly protect your data from the latest hacking methods.

See which cyber educational tool works best for you!

  1. Macate’s Top 4 Cyber Security Podcasts

Cyber security Knowledge: Beginner

Time Period: 2 – 60 minutes

Learn about cybersecurity from educated and witty cyber security experts, and listen to some of Macate’s favorite cybersecurity podcasts during your morning commute.

Each podcast differs in length, style, and content, but all podcasts are informative and will teach you something new.  Whether you want to know how to hack a phone or the definition of malware, there’s a podcast for you.


  1. Khan Academy’s “Journey Into Cryptography”

Cybersecurity Knowledge: Beginners

Time Period: 2 – 10 minutes per section

Khan Academy is perfect for those who want more than a textbook learning experience.  This tutorial uses informative videos to explain the origins of cryptography.  The learning journey covers ancient cryptography, ciphers, modern cryptography, modular arithmetic, and primality test. It ends with a lesson on randomized algorithms.

There are interactive games between the videos that help you understand concepts such as encryption.  There is a total of seven different learning modules, with videos and games per module.  The completion of each module should take no longer than a day, and varies for each person.


  1. Future Learn’s “Introduction To Cybersecurity”

Cybersecurity Knowledge: Beginner

Time Period: 8 weeks, 3 hours per week

This course helps people recognize cybersecurity threats and become familiar with network security and more.

The course is accredited by the Institute of Information Security Professionals.  A Certificate of Achievement is available for students who pass with a score of 70% or more.

This year, over 500 million people experienced a security breach because of the Yahoo hack, and that was only one of the notable hacks of 2016. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to a cyber attack and check out one of these free learning options.

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