Until recently, cyber security was an unfamiliar realm to the media and the public. Now every day there is breaking news that warns people of the latest data breaches and hacks.

In 2016 alone, new cyber security attacks and territory were discovered, such as the power of Ransomware and the fine line between privacy and intrusion with encryption.

Cyber security is an ever-evolving field that changes every day, but cyber security experts have identified top leading challenges that continually jeopardize the online safety of companies and individuals.

Read on to discover the Top 3 Security Challenges that threaten the privacy of online information.

  1. Lack of Resources

There are 1 million cyber security job openings in 2016, and industry analysts predict that number to grow to 1.5 million in 2019 according to Cyber Security Ventures.  Companies with a low number of experienced cyber security employees who are trained to detect and eliminate online security threats are more at risk to experience a security breach.


Hackers and cyber criminals outnumber cyber security teams, and that gives hackers the upper hand. Companies need a larger cyber security team and need more trained individuals to fill these open positions.   Read one of our latest blog posts to see what plan of action the U.S. is taking to fill the cyber security employee gap.


  1. User Password Management

Even if companies have the best, well-staffed cyber security team, if employees use weak passwords, all cyber security efforts are fruitless. The password is the easiest point of access for hackers to gain entry to a database, and each individual is responsible for the protection of that point of entry.

Every individual needs to grasp the importance of creating strong, hard to guess passwords, and using different passwords for different online accounts.


  1. Communication

Communication is key, and clear communication between cyber security experts and the rest of the world has not been achieved. There is daily news about what is happening in the cyber security world, but many people still don’t fully grasp the importance of cyber security or how cyber security affects the daily individual.

The explanation of cyber security needs to be simple and jargon free for people to have a clear understanding. A recent study conducted by the National Institute for Standards and Technology discovered that cyber security intimidates people and causes anxiety. These side effects are symptoms of Security Fatigue, which is caused by the unclear and negative explanation of cyber security.

No matter what variables of the cyber security field changes, these three challenges still stand strong. Follow our blog to learn how to solve these issues in your company.