With all of the recent hacks and data breaches, Americans are growing weary of privacy invasions. Recent data shows they have all the right to be concerned.

In 2013, Verizon gave the NSA documents that contained information of millions of American’s private conversations.

The right to protect private text messages from the government was addressed in the Apple vs FBI debate in early 2016.

Americans questioned the Apple vs FBI case, and whether the government should have a “backdoor” to Apple’s encryption in the case of a terrorist investigation.


Overall, the majority of Americans don’t believe their privacy should be invaded by anti-terrorism efforts, which include monitoring private conversations.

Pew Research Center found that 54% of American’s disagreed with the Verizon and NSA case.

74% of Americans believe civil liberties outweigh extreme security practices.



The right to privacy is a worldwide trend. Pew Research Center polled individuals from 43 different countries and found that 62% opposed the U.S. monitoring of American citizens.

Macate offers solutions for people who want to safeguard their privacy.


  1. GATCA Elite

Prevent anyone from browsing through your text messages, emails, photos and private documents with the GATCA Elite, our secure cyberphone.

The GATCA Elite protects all personal data with patented, one-of-a-kind security features like Coin SL.  Coin SL completely shuts down the GATCA Elite upon SIM card removal and prevents people from rummaging through your private information.

  1. Galaxier

Don’t want to look up personal information on a Search Engine that hands over transparency reports to the U.S. law enforcement? Try using Galaxier!

All searches on Galaxier are encrypted, and users have the choice to select what type of identifiable data advertisers can use.

Make Galaxier your #1 search engine and be trackless.


  1. iOME

iOME is a mobile application designed to connect businesses worldwide and protect all confidential conversations. iOME provides end-to-end encrypted communication. Simply connect iOME to your local company server via VPN for highest security and cost-effective international calls.

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