When it comes to privacy, companies need to ask these two questions: “What should I protect?” and “Who am I trying to protect my information from?”

The majority of companies have online security concerns and worry about keeping their customers’ private information safe, such as credit card information, home addresses, and personal details.  Some companies also worry about guarding their patents, research, and the employee database.

Company data can be vulnerable, no matter the size or scale of your company.  Thousands of cyber criminals target all types of industries and companies.

After you answer the questions of “What” and “Who” for office online privacy, you need to determine the “How”.  Every company should establish proactive steps to protect their data.  Read on to learn how you can do so

  1. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

With a VPN, users can securely and remotely share data through a private network.  Sharing confidential data through an email while on a public WIFI network is hazardous.  Any hacker can gain access to a coffee shop WIFI network and seize all online communications. VPNs solve this issue by making all communications come through the privacy network.

  1. Use a cyberphone to add a layer of protection

Protect confidential data sent through all forms of online communication with GATCA Elite’. Companies can use GATCA Elite to communicate securely with their employees as it encrypts all messages and provides a robust layer of protection.

3. Use Dual SIM

For the sake of time and convenience, many employees use their mobile device for both work and play.  This often leads to data loss in the case of mobile theft or a personal data breach.  With GATCA Elite’s dual SIM feature, employees can keep all work-related data secure on a separate SIM card.  Don’t accidently intermix work and personal messages, and safeguard all confidential documents and messages with GATCA Elite.

  1. Put a Sticker Over Webcam

This security trick is simple, cost-effective and practical.  Different types of malware can allow hackers to spy on you through your webcam.  Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg even follows this rule.  Prevent this huge invasion of privacy and invest in some Band-Aids or tape.

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