Millions of people will be scoring deals online this Cyber Monday. In 2014 Cyber Monday sales beat Black Friday sales.

In 2015 U.S. online orders totaled $3.07 billion, which was a 16% increase from 2014 Cyber Monday sales.

Statistics show that many hackers wait to take advantage of Cyber Monday to spread viruses and gain access to shoppers’ bank accounts. Security Company Zero Fox, found that phishing link distribution goes up 336% around Thanksgiving.

In 2015, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the average daily number of malware infections was up 84% compared to the previous month.

Land all the best Cyber Monday deals and keep your credit card information safe with these secure Cyber Monday tips.



1. Is That Website Secure?

Make your purchases only on websites that use encryption to protect your private information.   Scan your web browser for a padlock icon, each time you consider making a transaction.  All websites with the padlock icon signify that the website has encryption as an extra layer of security.

2. Don’t Use Public WIFI

Start and finish all holiday shopping at home with the protection of your own WIFI.  You don’t know the security levels of public WIFI. A hacker can hack into the network and access all online shopping information.  Some hackers even create counterfeit WIFI networks to attract people.  A rule of thumb to test whether a WIFI network is legitimate is whether it requires a password or not.  If a WIFI network doesn’t need a password, be advised it may be a trap.

Harris Poll conducted a study and found that one in five consumers made a sale on their phone on an unsecured WiFi connection.  15 % have conducted other financial transactions like online banking or bill pay.

3. Don’t Use Debit Cards & Use the Same Credit Card

When you use a debit card for online purchases, a hacker can pull money directly out of your checking account. Avoid using debit cards and instead, choose a credit card with added protection to make online purchases to prevent thieves from spending all your funds.

Lower your chances of credit card fraud and stick to using one card for all online shopping.  A hacker with access to multiple credit cards equates to confusion, stress and higher credit damage.

4. Skip the Search Engine and Avoid Social Media Scams

Search for all Cyber Monday deals on store websites. Hackers engineer fake online ads to redirect shoppers to a malicious website.

Avoid clicking Cyber Monday ads on all social media platforms. Hackers send out appealing clickbait ads that entice social media users to click on malware-infected links. Hackers also use trending hashtags to spread their malware websites and coupons.

5. Don’t Click Emails with Links as Attachments

All Phishing emails come with a virus disguised as a link or attachment to download. If a deal advertised in an email seems to good to be true, it most likely is. Delete all emails with Cyber Monday attachments to keep your computer and phone virus free. If the email appears genuine, find the deal on the official website.

6. Update Everything

Web browser, operating system and other software such as Adobe Flash player should all be updated to the latest version. With the latest updates, you’ll be warned about insecure websites that might have malware. Outdated software makes you more vulnerable to being hacked.

7. Use a Password Manager

Some online websites require you to create a new account in order to make a purchase. Another account on the Internet increases your possibility of being hacked. Use a password manager like LastPass to keep track of all your accounts and passwords.   LastPass also helps you create strong passwords, so cyber criminals can’t easily gain entry to your information.

8. Review Your Transactions

Make sure to review your credit card statements over the following months. Be on the lookout for small charges you don’t recognize. Hackers are known to “test” accounts, and many people who overlook these small fees end up experiencing credit card fraud.

9. Shop on a Highly Secure Smart Phone

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