It’s a new year and the cyber security world is advancing with every second.

Here’s a glance at what’s to come in 2017 and learn how you can best protect your data.

  1. Prepare for Advanced Ransomware:



Pain point: In 2016, nearly 50% of organizations were infected with ransomware and had their data held hostage until they agreed to pay a fee.

Experts predict that hackers will create more intricate ransomware viruses and aim for larger targets. This prediction was proven true in November when over 2,000 systems from the San Francisco train station Muni were completely locked due to Ransomware.

Solution: Companies of all sizes should back up all confidential and valuable data onto a cloud system or external hardware in preparation for encountering ransomware.


  1. Growth of Mobile Malware


Dilemma: In 2016 over 10 million Android phones were infected with malware according to security researchers at Check Point Software. In August of 2016, more than 86% of Apple iPhones became vulnerable to a virus that was activated through a text message.

Hackers know that smartphones are a storehouse of valuable and private information like photos, bank account information and more.

Solution: If you want to protect the private information stored on your phone, consider switching over to the GATCA Elite, a highly secure cyber phone with advanced AES encryption and security features.


  1. No More Passwords


Dilemma: With all of the security breaches, the traditional password is too risky and many industries are considering eliminating passwords altogether.

Some industries that are large targets to cyber criminals are considering using biometric authentication. The financial services industry is one of the first industries to switch over to biometric authentication and customers are positively responding.

Solution: Macate recommends using The Gardevant Card for businesses and banks that are interested in using biometrics as a security measure against credit card and identity fraud.

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