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Smartphones are now considered a necessity in the every day consumer’s life. Around 87% of Americans own a smartphone and that number will only grow.

A cyber criminal can access personal and valuable information on a smartphone, from photos to bank account information.

If you want to protect all of your private information, see three ways the GATCA Elite boosts your mobile security.


  1. GATCA Elite Protects Your Data from External Security Threats

Mobile security breaches can happen in different forms, from downloading malware-infected apps to hopping on a hacker’s faux Wi-Fi. An article published on Tech Crunch reminds readers what external security threats threaten your private data.

“What happens if my phone is lost or stolen? What happens if it’s compromised? The data on my phone, unprotected, is very telling and very valuable if I’m in the wrong place at the wrong time doing the right (or wrong) thing.”

The GATCA Elite uses security features that protect your data from all types of external mobile security threats. The biometric security feature Trueface memorizes facial features and protects outsiders from unlocking one’s phone without permission. Security feature CoinSL protects data in the case of theft, and automatically locks down when a thief tries to remove the SIM card or insert an unfamiliar one.


  1. GATCA Elite Increases BYOD Security

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), the act of employees completing work on their personal mobile device, is a subject that is still undecided among many enterprises.

Increased employee mobility, employee satisfaction and productivity are the top drivers of BYOD.

Yet security is still the number one concern that corporations face because it’s harder to establish and monitor security boundaries. Almost 1 in 5 (21%) organizations experienced a data breach via BYOD or CYOD device.

Enterprises that want to increase employee satisfaction and productivity without increasing the risk of a security breach can do both with GATCA Elite. All confidential documents are protected with AES encryption and biometric security features.


  1. GATCA Elite Keeps all Conversations Private with Encryption

Whether you’re sending a text message to your significant other or a confidential document to your manager, you most likely don’t want prying eyes to see any of your messages or emails.

Text messages that are not encrypted can be picked up by a firmware, which turns a mobile device into a type of radio receiver and can pick up all text messages. 35 percent of communications sent by mobile devices are unencrypted

If you want to keep your messages and conversations secure, send messages with the GATCA Elite. All text messages, emails, voice memos and video calls are protected with the highest AES encryption, safeguarding all forms of communication. codetel, Macate’s official security software partner, develops all GATCA security features, providing its mobile users the ultimate in security.

For more information about the GATCA Elite, contact one of our sales representatives at gatcaelite.com.